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The last time the state of Kansas had a comprehensive strategy for economic growth was in 1986 when the Redwood-Krider report was published. Now, under the leadership of Governor Laura Kelly, Secretary of Commerce David Toland has convened a group of stakeholders including business leaders and economic development professionals from across the state, along with members of academia and Commerce staff, to develop the Kansas Framework for Growth – a comprehensive strategy to accelerate economic growth in Kansas.

Creation of the Kansas Framework for Growth will occur in three phases:

Assessment & Benchmarking

Recommendations & Best Practices

Implementation Planning

The team will provide updates on progress at the conclusion of each phase as well as throughout the process, as appropriate. Visit this site regularly to keep up with the latest news, or sign up to receive latest news directly in your inbox!

”Economic development in Kansas needs to be modernized, and that means we need a new, thoughtful strategic plan to guide us forward.“

— Laura Kelly, Governor

“Bold, innovative strategies would breathe new life into economic development efforts that help create a better place to live and work now and for future generations.”

— David Toland, Secretary of Commerce


Developing a roadmap for economic prosperity for the state of Kansas is a collaborative effort, so we want to hear from you. Take just a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas with us in this survey. Then, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to stay connected with Kansas Framework for Growth.


Town Halls Scheduled to Engage Public on Kansas Economic Development

Secretary of Commerce David Toland announced today that four town halls have been scheduled to engage the public in the development of the Kansas Framework for Growth, the economic development planning process kicked off earlier this year by Governor Laura Kelly.


Stakeholder Engagement Key to Framework’s Success

Since announcing the start of the Kansas Framework for Growth process several weeks ago, participation by the business, economic development and higher education communities has been tremendous.


Kelly Administration Begins Design of Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for State

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and Secretary of Commerce David Toland announced today they have kicked off the development of the “Framework for Growth” – a robust strategy to accelerate economic growth in the state of Kansas.



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